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 before starting* (Really remember this! don’t take Lightly)
 I learned and beat the game the hard way

 Really Pay Attention to your GP *God Points*
(next to your Health Bar/HP) – Very Powerful
 and handy!

 your Characters *whoops did I say Characters??*

 -The Maximum
 Level is Level 20 (Trust me it helps a lot!!)


 Machines, Pictures, Signs, objects, suitcases, Lockers
and trash cans can give you:

 (Experience points)


 -Hints to


  -Know your
 Bible scripture because you’ll be tested in different small areas
in the game and some is common sense.


 -Up ,Right ,left
 ,Down arrows: move all around

 -ENTER (Interact
 with characters, signs, Inpo/floating robots in the city,

  Press+Hold (Move Faster)




 Chapter 1:
 Arise Demon Hunter

 In the
 beginning the game will Begin with a Bible verse to which
 the setting takes
 place in so you can get a feel why everything is so Dark.
 So a scene with the
 devil calls upon Elina (pay Attention to her game and who
 she is.) starts out
 in the setting of the N3 Cemetery to get a feel for the
 place there’s many
 things you can interact with such as the people and
 tombstones the main focus
 to “get started is by stopping by two tombstones and

 (To interact
 with people and objects press the “Enter” button on your
 Keyboard) – to get a
 feel and mood for the game interact with the people at the

 *Also really
 focus on the characters, Not every single one but mostly
 Erik(Main Character)
 of His past and position Maya/Elina (the Antagonist) and Her

 *Others ill
 mention to focus on later in the

 -One in the
 center of N3 Cemetery (which will Instruct you to get a
 Lamp, which will be in
 the shed)

 -On the
 bottom left in the first row of tombstones, the tombstone
 with a skeleton
 corpse in front.

 After finish
 interacting with both Tombstones talk to the girl in front
 of the shed on the
 “Top Left of the Cemetery” and recognize her character
 after the discussion.

 To enter the
 shed just walk to the door or any door just walk

 *In Game to
 interact with anything people/objects press

 -The Lamp
 will be available in there (Top Right of the

  *Also get the
 rope and pick up the two L Packs
 in the two wooden crates* (Your Gonna need these packs a lot
 throughout the


 .Go back the
 center Tombstone with the hole and you’ll come across a
 portrait/Picture on the
 wall where you’ll see a switch and holes on the

 with the image

 the character who talks to you after reading the image *Hint
 Hint* the first
 and not only Encounter!

 -Head to
 where the casket is.

 Now time for
 some Fighting!

 fighting Small Rpg-ing Hint*

 -Really pay
 attention to your Health meter

 -To reduce
 dying faster (Make it a Habit to Guard then


 (I am still new to RPGs and I learned the hard way at this

 you lose this battle you’ll have to start over since you
 have not yet reached
 the (Game Saved Destinations)

 - You’ll
 have Elina and the Grave Robber to battle!

 -the choice
 is yours to whom to attack first (Go for Elina)

 -Then The
 grave Robber

 -To get your
 health meter back to 100% go to *Item* and select (Med Pack
 L) and only press
 *Enter* to select the (Med Pack L/Recovers 500HP) then press
 Enter again to
 fill up your Health Bar when your life meter reaches below

 -But if you
 decide to cancel using the Med Pack L because its too soon
 press the *ESC*
 button on the Keyboard (Very Top Left)


 .After the
 battle you’ll be still in the same place where you left
 off. There will be a
 few switches on the wall (Took me a few tries so do them in
 this order)





 The Left
 switch will be free to activate again (DO NOT

 -You’ll Be
 Stuck and you can’t get passed the traps, you touch the
 traps you’ll die and
 have to Start All over again.

 -Make your
 way back up where the rope is where you went down the hole
 but there will be
 random battles, you can Avoid them by selecting the option

 (You don’t
 have the Upgrade yet so avoid these battles until you get
 your first weapon)
 Unless you wanna get the experience.

 (Back to the
 surface of the Cemetery)

 -Do the same
 as you did underground, you’ll have random battles at the
 Cemetery as well!
 Head to the Bus and take it to (NIMCOR3 City)

 So that was
 just a small sample of the Game!

 .Now that
 you’ll have a New World and NIMCOR3 City Open to you,
 here’s some steps to get
 use to while you are there!

 - Interact
 with People


 -Explore new

 -Check out
 trash Cans, Boxes and Suitcases, Cars, Shelves (You may find
 some surprises)

 -Ladders to
 climb up

 .Now that
 you are here lets talk about how to *Save Game* there will
 be two buildings
 where you can do this and it’ll involve you pressing
 *Enter* on a phone in both

 Library  where the Working bus that gets
 you to the cemetery go all the way right until you see a
 bright Red building with
 6 Flower beds in front, Go Inside and it’ll be

 -N3 Item
 Store will be behind the church and behind two buildings
 with two Dumpsters and
 there will be a agent next to the door. Go on in and the
 phone will be behind
 Erik (Main Character)

 *Hint Hint*
 The Item store is also where you buy more Med Packs of

 -Med Pack S
 (100 Health)

 -Med Pack M
 (250 Health)

 -Med Pack L
 (500 Health)

  .Before we
 start the next chapter and chapters
 after *Proceed with Caution!*

 -The Game is
 only gonna Get harder from here! When you get your upgrade

 Chapter 2:
 Lock N Load

 (which will
 be accessed when you hop over the giant ditch next to where
 in Bot is selling
 food on the very right side of the City)

 .You will
 see a building on the right that has a Neon sign of a Knife.
 Go in and enter
 through and explore the stuff and activate the elevator
 switch before going
 through the Elevator.

 -You’ll  see a
 area with shelves and a Locker, Explore
 those and find a key where the destroyed bot is and *UPGRADE
 then enter that main room.
 *CAUTION!*-After getting
 your shotgun upgrade,two demons will appear and this is one
 of those times where Bible scripture will be tested based on
 action rather than remembering actual scripture,based more
 on action. So Be Ready!

 -Avoid the
 lasers and pursue what’s ahead but remember that Lazered
 off path! *VERY

 -Also you’ll
 see a Tablet (Remember this, In the Game You’ll Need to
 pick up 10 Tablets to
 shut down that lazer Path.

 *Okay so
 this is the time where you are really gonna need to start
 Leveling up your
 Character with what’s ahead and making extra

 -This is a
 really good opportunity to understand how the fighting in
 this Game works! It
 may take a lil while but if you wanna go as you are it’s
 gonna be much harder

 *Hint 1* the
 more enemies in battle the more EXP (Experience Points) you

 *Hint 2* For
 Now you only need to Level up Erik until He gets (God’s
 Lightning 2) that
 doesn’t require level 20

 *Also* this
 would be a good time to start using and understanding to Use
 your GP (God
 Points) to access it make sure you refill it when you access
 it on the menu
 screen (Not In Battle) “Only Pause Screen” under
 “Skill” press “ENTER” and
 Erik's profile will be glowing press “ENTER” again then
 press Enter twice for
 “Special” and “Prayer for GP” and Keep pressing
 Enter to fill up your GP to

 *Also* The
 Same way you can refill your GP you can can Restore your
 health before entering
 into Battle, Go to “Item” on the Pause Screen and use
 which Med Pack you wanna
 Use and press Enter onto His Health until its filled

 when fighting the “Suffering Demon” at times you’ll
 receive a “Med Pack S” if
 you save enough you can sell them and make more extra money
 with a Inpo Bot
 *Lower bottom of the NIMCOR3 city/Bay Area* -there are two
 walk in areas “Go to
 the very right Door after passing the snack machines “The
 Door will look more
 like a elevator Freight door” sell your Med Pack S to it
 and you’ll get more

 Chapter 2:
 Lock N Load “Continuing”

 .Go back to
 the area where you hop over the ditch but go into the hotel
 with full Health
 and GP *Your Gonna Need It!*

 *Hint* make
 sure you have at least over 30 Med Pack L’s because you
 have battles up ahead
 that you can Escape and others that are

 *Hint 2*
 just figured this out within the last few days of doing this
 walkthrough, after
 accessing both rooms before roaming the Hotel/Apartment
 again you will come
 across battles when you can “Escape” battles and *Hint
 Hint* the same way you
 got leveled up at the cemetery, You can Level up 3 Times
 faster to Level 20 with
 these group of fire Demons but gotta keep refilling but GP
 and Health before
 every Match! just don’t
 touch the fire!

 -Make sure
 to not avoid the Tablet! Your gonna need it!

 Finishing off Lucky you have the option to still Save the
 Dog! See what

 -and try
 talking to the Dog!

 - and while
 you are at it, go talk to that guy that won’t let you in
 that specific area
 behind that church. (Make sure to talk to Him after every
 chapter you Beat! It
 will lead to somewhere!)

 Chapter 3:
 No Longer Safe “At The Church”

 .Make sure
 to go to the Red Chest on the back of the altar

 *Bonus!* see
 what happens if you press *ENTER* on the cross in the middle
 of the altar!

 .1986 will
 be the lockers safe code

 forget the tablet.

 if you get touched by any of those rolling balls you have to
 start all over.
 But you must retrieve those other two tablets 
 in the giant dining room area! There will be 2 Tablets *This
 Game wasn’t
 meant to be easy J*

 *Bonus!* Go
 talk to that soldier guarding that restricted area and see
 what happens!

 *Bonus 2*
 Bonus Playable character Unlocked!!

 Chapter 4:

 -Make sure
 to go through all the Boxes and activate the Spike switch if
 you wanna move

 the latter leading to a weapon upgrade!

 -Like in The
 Cemetery and Hotel, depending on you and your partners
 Level, may wanna use the
 next battles to finish Leveling up before the next Boss

 By then Erik
 should be leveled up to 20 but if your partner at least
 levels up to about 18
 to unlock the “Special” Ability *Sing Praises to Jesus*
 so you two can win the
 Boss for this time.

 Reaching Chapter 5!

  You must go to
 the palm reading Building
 (Right next to the church) and a letter will be waiting for
 you on the  “Table” then go the “Hotel\INN” and
 have a small puzzle to defeat Kabook.

 *Also* Be
 sure to talk to that soldier that’s guarding that empty
 space behind the
 church! He will be discussing someone will be visiting the
 Cemetery! Go check
 it out! there will be a character waiting for you that will
 sell you a item
 called “Electric Shock” which will allow you to bring
 back your character back
 to life during battle (He will be located on the very right
 side of the N3

 Chapter 5:
 Reflect On This  (The Hotel/INN)

 . After
 defeating kabook he’ll give you a clue where to go next..

 Succeeded, walk over the kabook and he’ll detail the way
 for you. (Back to the
 palm reading building/ Enter the left mirror as you walk

 Chapter 6:
 The Hallway of Hell

 *Hint* This
 is the second area Bible Scripture will be used to defeat 
 the demons.

 *Hint 2* The
 best way to get passed these enemies when in battle is your
 GP (God Points)
 *Especially the Death Demon!* because one hit can kill you.
 So watch out!

 -As you
 defeat each demon you come across and after passing the
 tests, will unlock more
 paths that were closed off by a certain Dark Power

 -Make sure
 you also collect the money laying around in the stack of
 coins you see laying
 around in different areas of the maze and save everyone in
 this realm.

 Chapter 7:
(Down The Sewers)-Remove that Blue dark power next
  to that female

 -Make sure
 to keep focus on getting the rest of the Tablets down there
 and you’ll come
 across a stop when you cross the sewer water, make sure to
 interact and read
 the info where and what will take place next!

 *Really Make
 sure!* after retrieving all 10 Tablets that you go back to
 those lasers,
 there’s a *NEW* Item you can only use in once in Battle,
 use it wisely!

 -and make
 sure that you keep refilling your GP and Health Bar while
 preparing for the


 when riding in the ocean to avoid the Tornado’s and

 *Tips and Tricks*
 Gambits’s $
 1986 Building

 -If you play
 the machine on the very left in the bottom row you could win
 a secret and your
 gonna need to find the Med truck in front of the Hospital
 and Discover 5 L Med

 Getting your Credit card from your car and go to the ATM,and
 insert Card you
 will get 500g (Money)

 *Prayer for
 healing and Prayer for GP*

 -The same
 way you pause and Use Erik's skill to refill your GP, you can
 do the same for
 Janette's but you can refill boths Healths with Janette and
 you can refill both
 GP’s with Erik's Special!