NIMCOR3: The First Demon Hunter
Written by Erik Pineda All Rights Reserved.  Copyright 2018.   
Chapter 1 - Receive God's Judgment
In medieval times, the first demon hunter was created after a prayer. The prayer came from a 32 year old man named Ryan, a man who lost everything, he even lost more than Job from the Bible. With so much hurt and anger towards the devil and demons, Ryan prayed to God to give him the power to fight evil. Not just with words, that will make them flee, but with swords or with any weapon he can find and use, to inflict pain as well. After a few years of praying, God answered his prayer at the age of 35. God told him that he will be the first demon hunter of many to fight in the future, using each hunter for his glory, to help save those in need. Ryan was thrilled to finally get payback, to give early pain to the demons who are already doomed to be in the lake of fire. Ryan's first mission was to find the demon that tormented his wife, what had happened was, she had depression that was so strong, it lead to her suicide. Ryan went on the search, man handling demons, interrogating each one on earth, but every one of them just lied, even after torture. But a cocky demon one day, claimed that he was one who convince his wife to kill herself, saying that it was so easy, with some help from the devil. You see, while Ryan was away from home, hunting for food, the devil had a man kidnap her and her kids, she was raped, and her kids were tortured and killed in front of her. She did not turn to God for healing, but sank deeper into her depression. The demon said to Ryan that it reminded her over, and over again of the pain that she went through until she broke. Having heard enough, and with the power of God running through him, he quickly caught the demon with one hand by the neck. Ryan said, "This the end for you, God has given me permission to throw any demon into the lake of fire early, and YOU will be the first to go." The demon's eyes widened, with fear striking it, just like the fear from the souls it would torture in hell. Before the demon could say anything more, Ryan stabbed the demon straight up into the jaw, through the head, then flipped it over on it's back, onto the ground with his sword. In a blink of an eye, Ryan teleported to the lake of fire with the demon still stuck on the sword. The demon was already feeling the flames lick it's slimy, scaly spirit, when it was near the lake of fire. Ryan then took the demon off the sword and wasted no time to throw it in, then he said "Receive God's Judgment". Suddenly the demon remembers the day he fallowed Satan instead of God, memories of being an angel of God, but then turning his back on the Lord. Before Ryan left, he paused for a second to listen, then he heard a loud cry come out from the demon, then left. Did the demon regret its decision so many years ago, when it was casted out of heaven with Satan? It doesn't matter now, the demon will suffer for eternity, thinking about the choice it made, when it had a choice. Ryan's first hunt was a personal one, he had so much satisfaction in doing what he did, and couldn't wait to do more,
especially to the devil.  
Chapter 2. - Storm the Gates of Hell
Ryan knew he could throw any demon in the lake of fire, except for the devil. The devil had a role to play, and would be thrown in lake of fire later in the future by God. Although Ryan couldn't do anything about that, he wanted to at least be able to inflict pain. So with a sword in hand, onto to the gates of hell, teleporting right in front of it. Ryan wanted to knock on the gates and let every moronic evil demon know that he was coming. With eyes burning with fire, he looked up and down at the door, it seemed to have an ancient puzzle lock. Ryan wasn't even going to try and figure that out, so he knocks hard and yells, 'I'M HERE, TO STORM GATES OF HELL!' then Ryan backed up a few steps and got ready to pray down a power from heaven. Ryan fell to his knees in prayer, then pointed his sword towards the gates. Then suddenly God's lighting broke through the darkness, it was a massive lighting bolt that hit the gates and flung it wide open. Every demon in hell stopped torturing souls and looked towards the entrance. Ryan stepped past the broken gates on the floor, and was greeted by hellhounds that were thirty feet tall. The demons laughed and said "Who does this demon hunter think he is!" another said "The dogs will handle him" Not knowing that his strength was as strong as an Archangel. Ryan jumped on top of one of the hellhounds head, and thrusted his sword down through the head and pinned the hellhound onto the ground. He then ripped a tooth out of it and replaced the sword with the tooth, keeping the beast pinned. Ryan did this several times over, to all the hellhounds that were blocking his path. The demons were shocked at his strength, but all at once, they charged him. Ryan had no fear in eyes, only rage, what happened next was gruesome and gory, demons were falling all over the place in agony, it was like watching Samson kill a thousand men, but these were demons. Legs were chopped off, heads, arms, and torsos. Since spirits live on forever and don't die, a thousand of them were scattered around the floor maimed, with missing body parts, many not moving because they can't. When demons were dropping like flies, many of them just ran off in fear. When Ryan saw no demon in sight, he started walking through hell looking for the devil's throne room, while looking, he can see many souls in burning pits. Many called out for his help, begging for just a taste of water, begging to set them free. Ryan knew, there was no hope for them, it was too late, they made there decision not to except Jesus Christ while on earth. They knew Jesus died on the cross for their sins, but still they rejected his free gift of eternal life, and now they are there, paying for their sins. Jesus could of taken away their sins, he would of forgiven them. Punishment in hell wasn't meant for people, but was only meant for these fallen angels. Oh how men have fallen so far from God as well, but Jesus made a way to God the Father, a bridge to heaven that anyone can take. You can only think, while looking at those poor souls, if they only would of repented and trusted in Jesus Christ, they wouldn't be in hell. Ryan started to enter into another part of hell and the screams of souls started to fade. He found an empty room, with a massive chair that looked like, it was put together with human skin. As Ryan looked around, there was no devil in sight, "WHERE IS THAT FOOL!" Ryan yelled.  
Chapter 3 - Barbarian

 While back on earth, Ryan thought about his wife and kids again, he thought about the man who did that atrocious thing to his family. He had already forgiven him, but he couldn't help feel animosity for the guy again after thinking about it. Ryan wanted to confront the man who took his family away, and kill him. He heard witnesses say, that a renowned barbarian from the outskirts of NIMCOR3 had done it. NIMCOR3 was a newly built town and Ryan was ready to teleport to it, but realized he couldn't and said "What's this God?" God replied "You must forgive your enemies, or I can't forgive you of your sins, and you cannot continue to be a demon hunter until you do." In anger, he yelled back at God and said "I WILL GET THERE ON MY OWN THEN!" He then stole a horse from a nearby house and rode to NIMCOR3. Ryan was being rebellious, a thief, unforgiving and vengeful, which was wrong. When he finally got there, he started to question the people there, merchants said that they would see a huge barbarian come into town, from time to time to purchase food. So Ryan waited and waited, for three days he did not eat or sleep, he was being irrational. How can Ryan do anything in his condition when the barbarian does appear, and then he does, the muscle toned tall barbarian showed up to buy food from a local merchant. Ryan said to himself this must be the guy, he could hear demons say "KILL HIM, KILL HIM!" but could see no demon, for he lost his ability to see into the spiritual realm, he was just a normal person. Ryan didn't disagree with them, and he then started whispering to himself "I'll kill him, I'll kill him" while following closely behind. As the barbarian walked back to the outskirts of town, to where he lived, Ryan was starting to close in on the barbarian, that settled in his tent. With his sword in hand, he wanted to kill him but was too weak to do it, and so he fell to the ground. An archangel appeared and said "Why do you seek sinful revenge? This man still has a chance for salvation" Ryan replied "He doesn't deserve salvation, he's a murderer and a rapist, he took away my family, he hurt them." The archangel said "Your kids are with God in paradise." "Ryan yelled "AND WHAT OF MY WIFE! SHE KILLED HERSELF AND I KNOW SHE'S IN HELL NOW!" The archangel replied "She was given the opportunity to repent, but she did not want God's healing. Ryan, listen, God can heal your broken heart too, forgive him" At this time the barbarian went outside to investigate the noise coming from outside, but the archangel struck him with temporary blindness, then turned back to Ryan and said "You must remember the greatest commandment Ryan, love your God with all your heart and soul, that means more than your wife and kids, I'm sorry about your family Ryan, but we war not against flesh and blood but against the dark powers and evil spirits." The archangel gave Ryan manna from heaven, and a cup of water, then disappeared. Ryan took the food and was restored. He said to God "God forgive me for my sins, my hate has made me murdered already in your eyes, help me to forgive again, so you may forgive me of my sins." With that said, God instantly gave him back his ability to fight demons, and he walked up to the barbarian that was stumbling around in blindness, and said "I forgive you" then Ryan prayed to God to give him back his eyesight, then disappeared into the spiritual realm. Like a light switch from light to dark, he can now see demons again, and he looked back to where he was, and heard "What in the world!" Ryan saw two skinny demons next to each other, wide eyed and speechless. Ryan zipped and instantly caught them by the neck and said" So you are the jesters who told me to KILL HIM, HOW BOUT I TAKE YOU TWO, TO YOUR DOOM! Instantly arriving, dragging and kicking the two into the lake of fire, and said "Receive God's Judgment" and he watched them burn.  
Chapter 4 - Three Little Witches  
The barbarian was confused on what happened to him, so he decided to visit the loud screechy witches that lived within the town of NIMCOR3. He walked in their tent, threw some gold at them and said, "Tell me witches, what happened to me, why did I go blind and who was the man who spoke only three words to me?" The witches screeched and screamed, and said "You have an enemy barbarian, one who follows the light, kill him or he will kill you first!" The Barbarian replied "Why does this man want to kill me?" The witches replied together "You have killed his children and raped his wife, so now he's out for revenge and wants to kill you" the barbarian said "But, he didn't kill me when I was blind, and why did he say I forgive you?" The witches replied "The man wanted to kill you at your full potential, so he changed his mind on killing you that way, because he's an honorable man, a man who wants to bring you to your grave with some warriors pride" he replied "That doesn't make any sense, never the less, I will have to kill this man first." The barbarian stormed out the tent and went on his way back to Ryan's house, remembering where he took his wife and kids. The barbarian arrived at Ryan's house at night, broke in with an axe, which awoke Ryan from his sleep. When the barbarian was inside, he bashed through the only door that was closed in the house, but didn't see anyone. The barbarian suddenly felt a painful sting around his neck, next thing you know he was falling but looking back at his body until everything turned black. Ryan had cut off his head, he didn't realize who he killed in the dark until he lit a candle, and saw who it was. It was self defense, so God didn't hold him to it, Ryan didn't know what to say, but he knew what he wanted to do. Ryan switched over to the spiritual realm and saw demons starting to drag his soul to hell. Ryan said to the three demons "I got it from here" and grabbed the barbarian's soul away from the demons. As the demons started to laughed and walk away, Ryan said "Where are you going, your coming with." He grabbed all of them, and you guessed it. "Receive God's Judgment" Ryan said as he looked on at the lake of fire. This was justice, for his wife and kids in a ironic way. Out of nowhere the devil grabbed and lifted Ryan by the neck, with so much strength to hold him. The devil was taller and stronger than Ryan was, as he was choking him, the devil said, "Your looking for me boy!" The devil then transported them both to where his wife was burning, threw Ryan to the ground and showed him how much she was suffering, even more than others in hell, because he's a demon hunter for God. Ryan saw his former wife being stabbed, clawed and bitten in the pit of fire that she was in. She was crying out to Ryan to get her out, to save her, but Ryan just cried. Then the devil said "You still want to serve your God, who threw your wife into hell!" Ryan looked at her with great sadness, then turned his head to look back at the devil, stood up and said, " In Jesus name, get away from me Satan." The devil couldn't help but run away from the name of Jesus. Then Ryan looked back at his former wife, he wanted to take her out, he wanted to save her from eternal suffering, but he just left, he transported home, fell to his knees in his room, and started crying, and worshiping God.    
Chapter 5. - The Aftermath
Ryan was feeling sad and defeated after what happened, so he spent days alone, not wanting to do anything but pray and read the Bible. Prayers kept the demons away, but they just watched from afar. Ryan was focusing on God, he wanted to make sure God was first in his heart and mind. Days were slow, then he started to fast, and sing worship songs. There is nothing like getting close to the Lord, building yourself up with prayer, fasting and reading God's word. After a while, Ryan started training, training to fight better, teleporting to different countries and studying different fighting styles and techniques. He learned how to forge his own weapons, and made himself a new two edge sword. He engraved "The Word of God" on one side of the sword and "Receive God's Judgment" on the other, and also made a shield with the word "Faith" on the front of it. Ryan grew in his faith, he was ready again, ready to take on the evil spirits of the dark, ready to payback the devil.
Chapter 6. - Payback
While Ryan was preparing to fight again, the two demons who kept a close eye on him realized that Ryan was getting ready to return as the demon hunter, so they quickly went back to the devil to share the news. The devil had a plan to try to kill the hunter, and thought of a way for the demons to match his strength. Ryan once again teleported to gates of hell, the gates were still destroyed. No demon was in sight, and Ryan started to head to the devil's throne room, but then saw a human figure that was pure black, with yellow eyes, walking towards him. The black figure stopped and said "My name is Legion, for we are many, you will die." Legion's voice sounded like a thousand demons talking at the same time, and it actually was. This is what the devil planned, Ryan eyes just blazed red with fire and said "GET OVER HERE DEMON!" Then Legion sprinted toward Ryan and threw the first punch to his face, Ryan returned with one back, along with a knee to the face. Legion stumbled back and yelled with a high screech, it was so loud that Ryan had to cover his ears. Legion surrounded Ryan by making multiple copies of itself, and all of them were swinging at the same time, beating the hunter to the ground. Ryan then pushed the demons off by praying for a fire barrier. "That's cheating!" Legion said, combining itself back to one dark body figure. Ryan prayed for a lighting shaped brass knuckle type of weapon and said "Lets get you separated." Ryan quickly did an upper cut so hard, it knocked a few demons out of Legion. Ryan gave it a left, and a right, and a few more fell out and ran away, some stayed but watched from a distance. Legion was getting weaker because it was losing demons. Then Ryan said "I had enough, it's time for God's judgment." Ryan grabbed legion in a bear hug, then teleported to the lake of fire, and did a suplex move that threw Legion into the lake of fire. The demons who got away, told the devil that Legion was defeated, the devil replied "Let's try a different tactic then, we will prey on his lust for women, we've done it before with Samson, let's try it with the hunter. SUCCUBUS! Go and work the witches, tell them to make Ryan sin, and then kill him." The succubus replied "I will master, we will get our revenge."
Chapter 7 - The Succubus
Ryan went home to rest, he thought to himself, I will fight another day, then prayed and went to sleep. No demon dared to enter Ryan's dreams, they were just too scared to go in, but not the succubus. The succubus entered Ryan's dreams as an attractive woman, it wanted him to start thinking about sex, preparing him for the witches that were coming. Ryan was lured easily like any other man would in a dream and started having sex with the succubus. Ryan awoke in the morning and couldn't help but think about his dream, thinking maybe it's time to find a wife soon. Meanwhile, the succubus had already briefed the three witches on what to do with Ryan, they were dress provocative, lure him to have sex with them, and kill him in his sin. The witches transformed themselves into attractive ladies, with the power of the succubus. Later, while at home, Ryan happened to look outside his window and see three attractive woman coming to his home. Suddenly all three of them fell dead, and they shriveled back up into the old hags they were. Ryan ran outside in confusion, then switched to the spiritual realm to see if demons had anything to do with them dying, he saw demons walking off in the distance, dragging three souls and an Archangel standing next to the dead bodies. Ryan asked "Why did you kill them?" the Archangel replied "God was merciful, and is not going to give you more than you can handle, you would of fallen in sin with them and died" then the archangel left. Ryan said "Thanks" as he looked at up into the sky. The succubus saw what happened and reported back to the devil "The witches have failed, they were struck down by an Archangel before they can get to Ryan!" The devil got angry, grumbled and said "They had to interfere!" The devil pondered for a second and decided to send a dragon that was chained up in a cave on earth, as a last resort to cause havoc, so the devil went to it. The dragon was forty feet tall, the skin was a dark green, black color, with blood red horns and yellow eyes. The devil commanded the dragon "Go and kill the people of NIMCOR3!" The devil heated up the thick chain with a touch, then the dragon pulled and snapped the chains right off the rock wall and headed towards NIMCOR3.
Chapter 8 - The Dragon in Town
Ryan was back home, standing at the front of his house and heard a huge roar in the sky, he was shocked to see that he was looking at a huge dragon heading towards the town of NIMCOR3. Ryan teleported on the top of the dragon and took his sword out, suddenly the dragon did a barrel roll and knocked Ryan off. The dragon looked at Ryan falling in the sky and shot a fireball at him, Ryan quickly blocked it with his shield. He kept trying to teleport on the dragon but the dragon would just do another barrel roll and shoot fireballs at him. Next thing you know the dragon arrived at the town, it landed hard and crushed several people with it's feet. Ryan finally had a chance to slay the dragon, so he front flipped on top of the dragon's head, and stabbed downward, but the sword broke. The dragon skin was like trying to stab metal plates, he realized his super strength only works in the spiritual realm against demons. The dragon whipped it's head and flung Ryan off, and he went through the roof of a house. Suddenly, while trying to recover, a ugly hand from a demon pulls Ryan into the spiritual realm, demons were showing up by the hundreds, trying to hold Ryan down, keeping him from killing the dragon. Ryan prayed for the fire barrier and prayed for God's lighting to strike strategically in specific places throughout the area. God's lighting was hitting the hordes of demons, destroying the ones who were running in a group together at Ryan, they caught on and started to spread out, and many kept coming out from hell. Ryan had to fight them by hand and shield, because his sword broke earlier, he was getting overwhelmed, by what seemed a never ending demon attack. The devil had sent over every demon from hell to Ryan, while the dragon was killing everyone in town. Ryan kept doing a bunch of one hit knock outs with unique kicks and punches, in a blink of an eye, many Archangels broke through the dark sky and started to help Ryan. It was an all out war, Archangel Michael said to Ryan "Handle the dragon, I faith that you will find a way to kill it." By this time, the dragon had destroyed about ninety percent of the town, and nearly every one was dead. Ryan thought it was crazy but he teleported into the heart of the dragon and started stabbing it with the broken sword, he had to teleport in and out to catch his breath. The dragon started to slowly die, it was working, it eventually collapsed and died. The demons retreated after the dragon died, and only just a handful of people survived the dragon's attack. NIMCOR3 town was ruined, houses were crushed, people were burnt to death, souls were on there way to heaven or hell. Ryan stood in front of the dead dragon facing it, then an army of men showed up, who were from a nearby town, that saw the dragon flying towards NIMCOR3 and wanted to help slay it. They stared at Ryan, noticing he was drenched in the dragon's blood, they concluded that this man alone killed the dragon. The commander of the army got off his horse, went up to Ryan and asked "Who are you?" Ryan replied "I'm the Demon Hunter" then disappeared.  
To be continued...
You can learn a Bible study lesson in each chapter.
Chapter 1. Be persistent in prayer  Read Luke 18:1-8
Chapter 2. The consequences of rejecting God Read Romans 1:18-32
Chapter 3. Forgive your enemies Read Mark 11:25
Chapter 4. You have the right to defend yourself Read  Luke 22:36

 Chapter 5. Spend time with God Read Matthew 6:33
Chapter 6. Spiritual warfare Read Ephesians 6:10-18
Chapter 7. God's mercy Read Daniel 3
Chapter 8. Archangels will war against the dragon Read Revelation 12:7   
Thank you for reading!
-Erik Pineda Questions or comments? Please write to GodComicsandGaming@gmail.com