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Christian comic book artists, writers, and creators, who made a difference.

Erik Pineda

Erik Pineda has not only created this website back in 2012 but has also created games and comic books. He is passionate about promoting Christian comics and the things he loves. He currently lives in Minnesota.

Archangels: The Saga & The Fall - Team

Creators Artists & Writers
These are the guys who created one of the best Christian comics in the world called Archangels: The Saga & The Fall series. Andy, John and Patrick worked so hard together back in 1995 to create a great Christian comic book series about God, archangels & demons fighting the for souls of people.

Art A. Ayris

Publisher & Writer
The CEO of Kingstone comics and a great writer. His company is the number one selling company that sells Christian comic books. He has made a huge impact in the Christian comic industry, has appeared on T.V. and has a movie version of comic book he has worked on called The Remaining.

More Pioneers

Christian comic book artists, writers, and creators, who made a difference.

Jack Chick

Artist & Writer
Jack Chick is best known for his Bible tracks, Jack made so many different ones that he drew and wrote himself. His tracks has reached out to many different people in all walks of life. 

Al Hartley

Artist & Writer
Spire comics was the best Christian comic book publisher in the 70s/80s and this guy wrote and drew almost every single comic book that ever came out for Spire. A true legend that worked so hard on reaching out to people for Jesus, through comics.

Sergio Cariello

Artist & Writer
A man who has done a rare thing, in fact the only one I know of that drew and converted the entire Bible by himself and called it The Action Bible.
Christian comics give more than just a cool story and art, they point to Jesus Christ, we all need encouragement and through Christian comics we can be.

Erik Pineda - God Comics and Gaming, CEO