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God Still Does Miracles

God still heals people and I know that for a fact, because he has healed me, God just healed my knee today after I did a short prayer. My mighty God has healed my dad's back from years of pain after prayer. My Lord and Savior healed a guy in crutches in front of my eyes and I was so amazed. I have heard many testimonies from people who said God healed them and of course there are a few fakes but there are real miracles that Jesus still does today. Jesus is alive and well, and he lives in each Christian that accepts him as Lord and savior. I thank my Lord Jesus for having mercy when he does heal, and I accept when he does not, because the Lord is good and will be praised no mater what his plans are for me, my family, and friends. There is a movie called Miracles from Heaven and it's a movie that shares a great testimony of a girl who was healed by God in a strange way.