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RANT - The Rise and Fall of Christian Games

Investing so much time and money in a Christian game and getting nothing back for all your hard work is something Christian game developers worry about. Why aren't Christian games selling? Why do they struggle so much? If Christians are not buying Christian games then who will? Maybe, many Christians think games are evil, and non Christian don't even give it a Chance just because it's a Christian game. I read a few sad stories of Christian game developers calling it quits because of poor sales or not having enough fans. Some even turned to secular games instead of making more games that glorify God. Ever heard of Five Nights at Freddy's, well that game was created by a Christian game developer that started off making Christian games until poor sales pushed him to create a successful secular one instead. N-Lighting was a Christian game developer that created a fun FPS game called Catechumen and then Ominous Horizon which cost $1.6 million to make and because of poor sales they lost more money than they put in and it was very sad when I heard they were calling it quits and were not making anymore Christian games. As I think about Christian games I can't help but think about my own, I wanted to sell it for $20 because of all the hours, days and months spent put into making this game great, but because there were no sales the first week, I decided to sell it for $5 instead to make it more affordable and so I can at least make something for all my hard work. I have put my heart into this game and it seems that no one cares about it, just because it's too Christian for non Christians, or too evil for Christians, I really don't know, but it hurts to know I'm not getting the support from my fellow brothers in Christ who are gamers. Will I end up like N-Lighting one day or create secular games from now on, I hope not. I'm not saying Five Night's of Freddy's wasn't a blessing in the end for the creator, but the fact that he had to make a secular game to be successful is what bothers me, why couldn't it be a successful Christian game instead? Giving up Christian game development for a secular one is usually a route many take after poor sales of their Christian games and it's sad. I hope more Christian gamers support Christian games by buying it or at least sharing it with someone who is into games to help and encourage Christian game developers to make more. In conclusion Christian games give you more than just a game, they encourage you in your faith and point to Jesus Christ, so don't forget to buy Christian games and show your support, thank you all for reading my rant.                                                                                                                                                                             -Erik Pineda

RANT - Too Much Gaming

When I was younger I did play video games for a long time when it came to games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Resident Evil 2, Shemnue, Final Fantasy 7, just to name a few. I didn't play so much that I didn't want to eat or do other things, that just wasn't me. It really depends on the game, if the game was fun I would pull a marathon and play it almost everyday for a few hours until I beat it. For a teen, as long as you get your chores/priorities done, and you are taking care of yourself with breaks, I think gaming like this as a teen is okay, just don't do it all the time. For younger kids I feel they don't know when to stop and play outside or something, so you got to tell them to stop playing because they will pee on themselves because they didn't want to stop gaming, they will not think about eating, and other things, so setting a time limit of 30 minutes or an hour should be enforced because kids will over do it. Too much of anything is always bad so always give yourself a break and don't game too much.                                                   -Erik Pineda

RANT - The Gamers Who Are SWATING

Swatting is something that a gamer does to another person online that is absolutely messed up. Not only are these gamers sinning with a lie, but in one case it got someone killed. Let me tell you how this goes, when playing online with a game like Call of Duty, gamers can often make each other mad, one might look up your address, call the police, act like you and lie about about how crazy and dangerous your are, next thing you know, police are breaking down your door. It's sad to hear that someone got killed by the police because of a gamers evil lie. It's not right and it's a sin to lie, the person who did this prank ended up being in jail. Don't be a jerk in life, but be a blessing, follow God's word and live by it every single day.                                      -Erik Pineda