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Christian video games are a rare thing to see anywhere, there is not enough out there. I made it my new goal to share all the video games worth checking out and playing, even the bad ones, though you might think some of these games aren't good, I honestly enjoy most of them. This page is dedicated to Christian gaming, so make sure to come back and check this page out again as I add new content.



This is my first full RPG game I made with all my heart, the story and levels were made carefully, making sure not to bore you with what you do. I've learned a lot when creating this game and I look forward to making the sequels even bigger and better than the last. My wife was a big help with the writing, I told her the story I wanted and she gave each character and enemies more personalities with the dialog. This was for sale but now free. 



I'm sad that this was N-Lighting's last game they made for Christian gamers, investing 1.6 million and getting practically nothing back for it is awful. I would say this FPS game is harder than Catechumen, which was N-Lighting's first game. This game keeps getting harder to find, I'm not sure if you can still find new copies around

Eternal War: Shadows of Light


This is probably the hardest Christian FPS game out there. I love dark scary games and this is one of them. Sadly a sequel was canceled probably due to money issues or lost passion. Whatever it was I remember looking at the art work of how the game was going to look like and I was so excited but after a little while XRUCIFIX took down there website and canceled plans for a sequel. I seem to have the only free working copy backed up online so check out the link below.



There is a weird rumored story that goes along with this game, reading that id Software gave the source code to Wisdom Tree Games as some sort of revenge thing against Nintendo of America's censorship for the SNES version of Wolfenstein 3D was interesting. WTG did purchase a license to use the engine and It does feel like a DOOM or Wolfenstein 3D game clone, but your shooting food at animals instead. 



This was the first Christian game I've beaten, it was a bit challenging but I had fun, even though the character designs looked a bit funny, I didn't mind. This is a FPS game that's worth your time if you buy it, defeating satan in the end was a satisfying highlight in the game. This game also gets harder to find as the years go by, so make sure to snag a copy.



This game was obviously inspired by The Legend of Zelda that came out for the NES. The game gives you a great huge adventure and it is Wisdom Tree's best game hands down. You can still get this game on the WTG website in a plug n play collection and even you can even find a few NES carts on Amazon.



I love classic SIERRA games, so to find a cheesy christian one that's like a SIERRA game, made my day. The game is like futuristic point and click adventure Bible trivia game, that's really fun to play.



Konami did a great job making this NES game, to me it has the best gameplay mechanics and graphics for a NES Christian game. This was an official release for the NES so the games story had to be a bit wacky when making this Bible themed game, since Nintendo had strict rules for games on there system. 



The Arkade is a Plug and Play gaming device which bundles in all the 8-bit collection of games by Wisdom Tree. This plug and play will consist only in a retro gaming style controller with A/V and AC output. Just plug in to your Composite connections on your TV and turn it on to start to play.

The titles included in The Arkade will be:



I have not played this game yet but it looks fantastic. I look forward to coming back to this one to share my thoughts.

FIVE Guardians of David


I love how they mix in comic book cut scenes within this game. This game offers side stories with Bible events and it's good. It was well made  and I look forward to seeing more games from these people.

Adam's Venture


This is one of those real hard puzzle games that's fun, it has a tomb raider, Indiana Jones vibe going on. It's funny and not boring going through the story and it has Bible themes in it which I love.  

Spiritual Warfare X

There is an underground occult in Monotheos City and their plans are to take control over the city's valuable resources. The occult has taken over half the the nation with demonic influences. But Monotheos City is the location that the occult needs to really put an end to the city's Godly influence on the other surrounding states. Because Monotheos is surrounded by some of the largest bodies of water in the nation, it is a huge asset for the Demonic Occult. The occult wants to use the water to accelerate their demonic serum agenda. They want to steal the city's landmark Bible tech and apply it in advancing the ease of their own Occult bibles. The city's bibles are infused with state-of-the-art technology that makes the bible easier to understand and remember for visual learners within the city. The occult leader puts his plan in motion and uses five of his demonic occult generals to steal the city's technology. The occult leader then goes after the potential Godly threats in the area to solidify his plans to take over Monotheos.

I AM Jesus Christ

Become Jesus Christ, the famous man on Earth - in this highly realistic simulation game. Pray like Him for getting superpower, perform famous miracles like Him from Bible like casting out demons, healing and feeding people, resurrection and more in "I am Jesus Christ".

Saints of Virtue

Discover an exciting computer action game where you take an incredible journey through the kingdom of your heart!

Overcome enemies like Pride, Fear, Vanity, and Self-righteousness while navigating an immense world full of traps, mazes, puzzles, and surprises.

Experience four HUGE levels of heart-pounding action!