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God, Comics, and Gaming CON

Donate today to help me create the first God, Comics, and Gaming CON in Saint Paul Minnesota. I need $2,000 to create and run this Christian event.
UPDATE: No longer Doing "Go Fund Me" Donate just here instead.
UPDATE: $0 raised for 1/1/2019 - 2/28/2019 Please Donate!
God, Comics and Gaming Con #1 GOALS
- Raise $920 for a gymnasium space rental at The Paul & Sheila Wellstone Center for Community Building for 8 hours.
- Raise $500 for damage deposit for space rental.
- Raise money to rent tables and chairs. (amount is unknown at this time) Need to plan how many creators and vendors will join.
- Rent a cop (amount is unknown) Need to find out the price to rent a cop for 8 hours.
- Research if I need any permits or licenses to host and run event, and pay for any fee they might charge.
- Research if I need to give any kind of forms for the venders.
- Raise $36 + Shipping for wristbands stock for people to enter event.
- Find vendors, creators, guest, and volunteers for event.
- Raise money for 100 flyers/ads/decorations.