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Searching for Truth: The Illustrated Gospel

In a cultural climate that exalts personal preference above all else, here is a dramatic, visually stunning story that addresses issues and concerns of utmost importance as life meets truth. The honest and open message connects to the hearts of those who might not normally read a full-length, text-driven book. This graphic novel clearly shows why the Bible can be trusted as God’s Word, including its prophetic revelations, evidence of the supernatural, consistency over time, and the scientific and historical accuracy of its text. From the door of the Ark to the door of Jesus Christ, the way, the truth, and the life, Searching for Truth demands a response from readers. Illustrated, story-based presentation of the gospel Apologetic approach A modern style and format to engage and inspire a new generation https://www.christianbook.com/searching-truth-the-illustrated-gospel-pdf/tim-chaffey/9781614582939/pd/29612DF?event=ESRCG#CBD-PD-Publisher-Description
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