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Hand of the Morningstar: Resurrection, Volume 2

They're back! The Hand of the Morningstar have a new focus and a new commission as they are recognized by the United Nations. But when an African military overlord is informed of a new strain of tanzanite (a thousand times rarer than diamond!), the team needs to get involved. But the focus shifts to an injured man in South America, and his quest to regain his life, or perhaps a new life, with a new love interest. But will he be able to escape his true calling? And what is the Hand of the Morningstar's guide, Mr. Artemis, doing tangled up behind the scenes...or is he the one doing the tangling? There is much more ahead for the team as they start learning things that could lead them almost anywhere...perhaps even to an early grave.Recommended for ages 14 and up.
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