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Eye Witness (Book One/Revised Edition): A Ficti...

Amid the violence and chaos of the present day Middle East, remarkably preserved first century documents are discovered by seismic researchers beneath the foundations of present day Jerusalem. None of the experts called in by the Israeli government can decipher this mysterious text, so as a last resort they call in American archaeologist, Dr. Terry Harper, known around the world as, "The Bone Man". What Dr. Harper finds through his translation, is a previously undiscovered, eyewitness account of Jesus' final week in Jerusalem. Will it confirm or discount the Gospel accounts of this event that have guided people for thousands of years? Only Dr. Harper has the key to unlocking this mystery and sharing it may cost him his life! At its core, Eye Witness presents a unique and fully illustrated version of the Passion Story of Jesus, combined with a modern day action-thriller. Suitable for 12 years old and above. http://www.headpress.info/Eyewitness1_rev.shtml
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