The Manga Bible

Acclaimed British artist Siku turns his pen towards the Bible, taking up the task of a full presentation of the story of the Bible. Using the modern British style of art that is very reminiscent to manga, Siku covers many high points - and low points - of the Old Testament in narrative form while letting a few shorter parts (Ruth, Jonah, and Psalm 18) punctuate the general flow. The New Testament focuses heavily on the Gospels (with 4 one-page parables) before a giving a treatment of the Acts of the Apostles, with some accompanying text from the epistles. A brief version of Revelation concludes the book. The stated intention of The Manga Bible is to inspire the reader to study the actual Bible texts, and to help in this mission non-invasive boxes on many pages point the reader to Bible verses where the full story can be found. Many modern elements are used, such as slang, stylized visuals and humor, to shift emphasis off of the non-nuanced scriptural dialogue. This version of The Manga Bible also contains commentary on key scenes, a sketch gallery and an article on the importance of scripture. http://www.amazon.com/The-Manga-Bible-Genesis-Revelation/dp/0385524315
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