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From Nothing

FROM NOTHING Let's face it, being a happily married, conservative, Bible-believing, born-again Christian and a father of two living in this world isn't easy especially if you live around New York City. The truth is, some days I can see the hand of God all around me, but some days I feel like I'm living in crazy-land. And since the eyes of most of the people I come in contact with glaze over when I dare to say what I really feel about things, I decided to create a place where I could unpack my mind a bit. That's really what this strip is: a collection of thoughts from a God-lover who is very much out of sync with the culture he lives in. My goal is to spark a thought, or maybe generate a smile, but more than anything to start some interesting conversations. So please, let me know what you?re thinking. I'm hoping to post a new strip every Monday, and though life is pretty jam-packed these days I'll do my very best to keep it up. So, there it is. I hope you dig what I'm doing. God bless.
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