Archangels: The Saga Archangels: The Saga ISSUE FOUR Book Synopsis: The mysterious death of a young man leads investigator to club Babylon, Justin Griffins new employer. The leader of the Vrkil (Phayln) spring their trap for Justin, and for the Archangels guarding him. 150766028 ISSUE SIX Book Synopsis: Seth gives the detectives the answers they are looking for and the chase begins. Nicole goes looking for her own answers and gets involved deeper than she ever imagined. The archangel kai steps in to protect her and faces a battle for her very life against the evil Necros. 150766029 ISSUE EIGHT Book Synopsis: The spirit of the Lord calls out to awaken Justins heart but the battle is not over yet. Ballera, an overlord of Satans underworld has come to claim Justins soul An ancient evil such as this will take more than the might of three angels to defeat. 150766030 150766031 150766032 150766033 ISSUE 3B 150766034 ISSUE TWO Book Synopsis: The tension builds, as Justin lies unconscious and vulnerable (from a car accident) in the hospital A friend (Nicole Myers) comes to his aid and begins to pray for his recovery. The demonic overlord Ballera learns that an angel has vanquished his minions sent to claim the boys soul. 150766035 150766036 ISSUE NINE Book Synopsis: Blow for blow, the battle is perfectly matched until Michael calls on the power of the most High to turn the tide against the overlord Ballera. Will Justins new found hope be enough for him to go on if he looses Nicole? 150766037 ISSUE ONE Book Synopsis: Distraught by a troubled past, the archangel Cameron visits a cemetery where a young boy he once knew, Daniel McDermermt, was laid to rest some 20 years ago.. Cameron must now face his past. 150766038 150766039 ISSUE THREE Book Synopsis: Kai calls in reinforcements of his own as the battle for Justins soul continues. Justin slips further and further into darkness, unaware that the path he treads leads to destruction at the hands of an evil far greater than he ever imagined. 150766040 150766041 ISSUE FIVE Book Synopsis: Curiosity gets the best of David Patton, Alexis delivery boy, as he opens a package and inadvertently exposes himself to the infectious contents. His abduction at the hands of Joseph sets off chain of events that eventually allures Justin into Phalins demonic grip. 150766042 150766043 ISSUE SEVIN Book Synopsis: Justin is faced with a life altering decision with bearing fatal consequences: should he choose to end his life or choose to live on through his current trials and tribulations In an attempt to deceive Justin, demons Phalyn and Necros twist his thoughts to their evil plan. 150880698 190611876 190611877 190611878 190611879 190611880 190612282 190612283 190612284 The "Archangels" comic series was created and self-published by Patrick Scott with Co. Creators John Leger and Andy Orjuela in 1995. About Archangels... 1995-2010 Archangels: The Saga is a powerful tale about four archangels who are sent by the Spirit of the Lord to help prevent a young man (Justin Griffin) who is contemplating committing suicide. The gripping nine issue series on spiritual warfare centers around the life of a high school senior who's friends are tragically killed in an automobile accident. Justin Griffin begins to question his destiny and embarks on a life journey to find the answers he so desperately needs; unaware of the unearthly forces, a kingdom of light and and empire of darkness battling just beyond his mortal senses. Clad in metallic body armor the "Archangels" are confronted by a demonic Overlord and his horde of minions bent on the destruction of every human life and dominion of every human soul. Archangels is a powerful tale of life's tribulations, hope, sacrifice and love. Recommended for ages 10 and up Archangels was initially published and released in 1995. Today, it has nationwide distribution and devoted fans worldwide. Over the past 15 years, Archangels has massed quite a following, with an estimated 3 million plus readers. The core following are both males and females from the ages of 10 - 35 years-old. Patrick Scott says parents and grandparents love to buy the series for their children and grandchildren. To date, the Archangel comic book series has sold a combined total of over 1 million copies, not including ancillary products. More history to come... Regards, Patrick Scott & John Leger 196752785