Archangels: The Fall Archangels: The Fall Volume Three The host of heaven watch as their king draws his last breath unable to speak,unable to comprehend.As Jews cry aloud to Christ saying,"He raised others from the dead why cant he rais himself".The hosts cry aloud alongside but shortly thereafter they're attacked by forces of darkness which believe they've won. Skies On Fire picks up perfectly where the last issue left off. 150763980 Collectors Tin - All Three Issues 150763981 Volume Two Lucifer the great deciever has led men against God for thousands of years even having us cast out of Eden's Garden now he and his devills rally to have Christ the son of God crucified that he may take up his throne.One thing happens that he had hoped wouldnt Christ was raised from the dead and defeated the dragon. 150763982 Volume One The endless void before the dawn of our time was vanquished when God said, "Let there be light"... and it was then that the seeds of rebellion began to grow in Lucifer's heart. And there was "WAR IN HEAVEN" and God champion; the Archangels Michael and his angels, cast Lucifer and his legions of fallen angels unto the earth. They were once brothers Gabriel, Raphael, Kai, Uriel, Hamel, Azrul and Lucifer... but on that day of defiance and in a blink of an eye they were seperated for all eternity. A failed attempt to ascend to the throne of the most high... the Almighty rebuked the first sins of his beloved creation... Lucifer and 1/3 of heavens host were cast out of heaven. 150763983 This three-volume series of Christian comic books tells the dramatic tale of human history, as seen through the eyes of the archangel Prince Michael. Witness the great events of the ages the fall of Lucifer, the Crucifixion of Christ, and the Resurrection of the risen Lord. Use this powerful medium to plant the seeds of the gospel in our youth! Appropriate for ages 10 and up. 183591768 190612189 190612190 190612191 190612192