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Why Donate to GC&GC!

Posted by Erik Pineda on February 29, 2020 at 10:25 PM

The God, Comics, and Gaming Convention is going to be the first, and biggest Christian Comic Book Convention in Minnesota history. Supporting this campaign, will help many different indie artists gain new fans, by sharing their comics and art, all in one place. I love promoting Christian comics and games, I've been promoting it since 2012 on my website, and now having this Convention in public, will reach local neighborhoods to get together, to geek out on comics and games. Now of course there will be the Super man and Batman comics at the Convention if vendors go, but...


Why Christian Comics you may ask? Well...


Christian comics, have been very impactful, and even life changing, for example, Kingstone Comics has given graphic novels to juveniles, and many have given their lives to Christ because of it. So reaching people with Christian comics at this convention can be life changing. The Bible tell us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and this is just one way of doing it..


..And to a Christian like me, and many other Christians, Christian comics have been a blessing, encouraging our faith in many ways, young and old, for example, The Last Convert of John Harper, is a testimony comic about a Baptist pastor who would put others before himself, and on that tragic day, the Titanic sunk, he was faithful to the end, telling people to not die without Christ, John Harper drowned that day, but a survivor lived to tell his story, and recall what John said to him that day. Now a Christian, because of John, he WAS the last convert of John Harper...so yeah, Christian comics deserve promotion...


Now we already have some local, and out of state guest creators signed up and ready to go, they will be there at the convention, promoting there comics, art, and merch, we just need the funding for building rental.


By Donating today you will;

- Help make a difference in Minnesota

- Help reach people for Christ through comics.

- Help indie creators gain new fans!!

- Bring people together in a positive and fun way!

- Help local Christian, and cool comic Book stores gain new customers.


Donate today and be a part of Christian comic book history!!

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