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Aliens and Ghost are Demons

Aliens are demons fooling the world and I will explain it later but first let's explore my thoughts on aliens. This is what I think, you see God loves to create and God created the world, us, animals, insects and so on. So it got me thinking, did God create other creatures than us? I think so in my opinion, but I think they are far from our reach but the aliens people see on earth are just demons and that's for sure true. I believe demons look different from each other that is my logical guess, because of the pictures we see of so called ghost, which are just demons as well, which show them looking different from each other. Some look like different types of monsters or beasts, so I concluded they look different from each other, and don't all look similar. I believe they can shape shift as well, or have the power to show you things like a flying saucer. We do know that they do have a limited amount of power because you see demons in the Bible copying God's power to a point where they couldn't, in the story of Moses. If you didn't know, demons are fallen angels, satan rebelled first and many other angels rebelled against God with the devil as well, so sad. Demons hate us, we are God's creation and they will drag anyone they can to hell with them. They don't care how they fool us, whether making you think they're aliens or ghost they will trick you to believe in a lie that will make you question God's existence or make you believe you are talking to a friendly ghost which is really just a demon. 
Ghost are not people's souls who stick around like Casper, when you die your soul does not stick around, you are either going to hell or heaven. Demons like to fool you that it's a soul of a loved one so you can talk with them through a medium or through some occult thing which is really bad. Anything that makes you turn away from our Lord Jesus Christ is not of God, the only spirit you need to be talking to is the Holy Ghost, God, Jesus, who are one and the same by the way. I remember how I used to believe in ghost because of a ghost picture our family has and thinking it might be somebodies soul that stuck around but it was just a demon. I remember seeing a small demon that looked like a baby but it's face looked all cartoonish and it waved at me, it had the mind if an adult, it looked at me with an obvious intelligence. I've also seen demons in shadow form and even heard one call my name. So don't be fooled, ghost are just demons in the spirit realm that can sometimes show them self in this reality to trick or attack you. Jesus and his loyal angels has your back, just trust in Lord Jesus and he will protect you all the way from these evil spirits that are relentless in this life to take you down with them.