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God Still Does Miracles

God still heals people and I know that for a fact, because he has healed me. God just healed my knee today after I did a short prayer. My mighty God has healed my dad's back from years of pain after prayer. My Lord and savior healed a guy in crutches in front of my eyes and I was so amazed. I have heard many testimonies from people who said God healed them, of course there are a few fakes but there are real miracles that Jesus still do today because he is alive and well, and he lives in each Christian that excepts him as Lord and savior. I thank my Lord Jesus for having mercy when he does heal, and I except when he does not because the Lord is good and will be praised no mater what his plans are for mine's, our family, and friends. There is a great movie called Miracles from Heaven and it's a great movie that shares a great testimony of a girl who was healed by God in a strange way.