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Christian video games is a rare thing to see anywhere, there is not enough out there. I made it my new goal to share all the video games worth checking out and playing, even though you might think some of these games aren't good, I honestly enjoy them. This page is dedicated to Christian gaming, so stick around as I add gameplay, playthroughs, reviews and other gaming content to this page.

Spiritual Warfare

Inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Wisdom Tree Games released Spiritual Warfare in 1992 for the NES. A SEGA Mega Drive version was later released in 1994 with an enhanced 16-bit color palette. Other versions of this game exist for the DOS and Game Boy. Every version except for the DOS game were unlicensed video games.


A biblical adventure game where, as a soldier of the Lord, you will explore the regions of a modern city to collect the armor of God. Along the way, you’ll encounter villainous characters and numerous obstacles designed to test your faith. Correctly answering Bible questions will help restore your health and strengthen your spirit.


  • Twelve diverse territories
  • Over 300 detailed screens
  • Background Gospel Music

This is the best game Wisdom Tree games has to offer, because it takes elements from The Legend of Zelda. It's not as easy as it looks, there is some challenge to it and it offers a variety of places to go, enemies are bit different in each area and the devil is the last boss that I have yet to fight and defeat. I will revisit this review when I have beaten the game.



Developed by N'Lightning, released in 1998 for the PC. This was one of two first-person shooter
games by N'Lightning that was Christian and rare to see, the other was Ominous Horizon.


Darkness was settling over Christianity, evil in nature and threatening to destroy the Christian religion only a few centuries after Christ founded it at the cross. To defend themselves, Christians created a recruitment policy that required brothers seeking the Lord to study the Word for a year before undergoing baptism and partaking in communion. During this time, Christians in training were known as CATECHUMEN.


Coming soon...


Spectacular digital sounds and incredible 3D graphics send shiver after shiver down your spine as you navigate claustrophobic passageways and ornate chambers; intelligent and dangerous opponents from the Earth and Beyond stalk you on your quest, each with unique tactics and powers; expansive levels challenge your mind as you must out-wit and out-battle your opponents in a multitude of dynamic realms; command a diverse and plentiful arsenal of weapons, unlike any ever created by mortal man. Overcome your foes with divine might in this gore-free adventure; an engrossing story leads you on the ultimate quest of all time, in which you become the sole human Guardian of Truth.

I love this FPS game, it's the first Christian game I've ever beaten. You work your way from the roman empire to the depths of hell, saving some roman guards, shooting down demons and then finally wining the game by taking down the devil. It was very fun to play, it wasn't all about shooting, it had search and find tasks and some platforming in it.

Noah's Ark


This game was unreleased in the US but did make store shelves in the UK. Konami's game version of a Bible story is a fun and unique game that will soon re-release under Wisdom Tree Games. 


Play as Noah and rescue different animals across the world. Noah is aided by powerups. Ducks give the player different weapons; some items turn Noah invulnerable, in different form or freeze enemies. During each stage, water slowly rises, typically making him harder to maneuver.

The game takes place on all seven continents (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Antarctica, Australia and Asia) with three stages per continent, thus having 21 stages total. At the end of the two thirds of the stages Noah has to fight a drainplug monster. Every third stage ends with a large boss fight.


  • 21 Stages
  • Power Ups

This is a well made Christian game by Konami, it is a good platformer but I don't know how I feel about the constant automatic scroll moving, like in Super Mario 3 world 8, airship world. Sure it's great for one level or two but it is in all the levels, I think if it allowed you to control your speed of the level it would of been better instead of forcing you. Overall it's a good game, it will be re-released by Wisdom Tree Games if they are fully funded on Kickstarter.

Super 3D Noah's Ark


The game plays similarly to Wolfenstein 3D, but the graphics were changed to reflect a non-violent theme. Instead of killing Nazi soldiers in a castle, the player takes the part of Noah, wandering the Ark, using a slingshot to shoot sleep-inducing food at angry attacking animals, mostly goats, in order to render them unconscious. The animals behave differently: goats, the most common enemy, will only kick Noah, while the other animals such as sheep, ostriches, antelopes and oxen will shoot spittle at him from a distance. Goats are also unable to open doors, which the other animals can do. The gameplay is aimed at younger children. Noah's Ark includes secret passages, food, weapons and extra lives. There are secret levels, and shortcut levels as well. The player eventually comes across larger and more powerful slingshots, and flings coconuts and watermelon at the larger boss-like animals, such as Ernie the Elephant and Carl the Camel. 

This is a very challenging game even tho it's aimed for kids. It feels like a DOOM game, each level has a secret area, gameplay feels very similar to DOOM with all the controls and collecting. The game gets harder as you progress because the hits from the animals take a bunch of health away. This game does look better on STEAM than it does on the SNES because the graphics were updated and look way smoother. If you are a collector, this game is a great add on, it will give you a fun challenge, no matter which version you obtain.


In the year 20XX the rapture has come. A man named Erik and his wife, Janette, are chosen by God to become Demon Hunters. With their new ability, any weapon their hands touch becomes deadly to the spiritual scourge in NIMCOR3 city. People have died under mysterious circumstances. Some have turned into demonic entities. Yet there is still an opportunity for others to receive salvation and safety. Who runs NIMCOR3? What past mistakes have come back to haunt Erik? Will he save Janette in time? Walk through the city of NIMCOR3 as the Demon Hunter himself to find out!!!


  • Original story by Erik Pineda
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Hidden side quests
  • Classic Final Fantasy style combat